My new Samsung Galaxy 10.1v

About 4 weeks ago I started to investigate some tablets to buy. This was just research to see what is available and what would be the best one to go for. 1 week later I had the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v from Vodacom. Walked into the shop asked if they had one and I bought it. Just HAD to have it. Besides that I could get on an upgrade contract so it didn’t hurt my wallet that badly Smile

Well lets start at the beginning then I can tell you guys the whole story as it happened

Here is my unboxing video of the Galaxy tab 10.1v, don’t worry it is a quickie

Please leave any comments about this and if you had similar experiences.

Breaking new records with the Canon 7D

This weekend we had an Air show in my home town and i was there. I was there because i wanted to get some pictures of all the nice aeroplanes and choppers that would be flying around and doing their tricks etc.

The two days was really great and I got over 6000 pictures. Most of it because I did the whole trigger happy mode shooting. Put my camera on high speed continues and just tried putting the aeroplane inside the viewfinder while it went past me at very high speeds.

I did before I got to the airfield think about how much shots I am going to get on my battery. But I did not think it would be as much as it is at the moment

So to say the least I think I have a new world record.. so far.. if anyone else can show me their LCD screen of their 7D with their battery info displayed the record would go to the next person Smile 

pix-5164This is what I saw on the back of my camera after 2 days of shooting aeroplanes and choppers.

Any comments are welcome

35 beautiful and in my humble opinion amazing owl photographs

I love nature photography and was simply blown away with the pictures on this site.Take a look and enjoy


150 Photography websites that you have to have in your favourites

I have found this list via twitter and though I have to share it with everyone i possible can (that means you ).

The post was done by Haje Jan Kamps on and i have to say that most of the sites I have been to and they usually are great resources for photographers but I think I will go through this list and define and add to it a bit more. I also want to create a list for South African Photographers

He list Flickr as number 1 , wonder why ?

Go read his article here > 150 photography sites

Not even fire can get a 7D down

I found this article on the net. It is a 7D that got burnt to a crisp in a car fire(shame) but it did save the photos on the CF card

also found it via

Just posted some pictures

Hi Guys

Just posted some pictures i took at Peet and Laresa’s wedding a while back. I have to say that i am truly happy with how i captured that special day for my friends. Thanx guys, was an honour capturing the photos.

Peet and Laresa’s wedding pics in colour – Images by Pierre Smith

Bragging rights to Canon 7D

Once again I am gonna talk about this guys. Because I think this is one of the best features that Canon should actually put in their selling points sheet.

A month ago i did a wedding(yeah i know its kinda late posting this ) and the next morning I just decided to check up on how my battery performed and wow, was i surprised to see the battery info screen. It is safe to say I was gobsmacked. But let me not say anything more, let me show you.


Ok, so what do you guys think, did i Photoshop this ? Well just for the sceptics out there, no i haven’t . See why i luv the 7D so much Smile . I did the whole wedding on one battery. The battery is so good as a matter of fact, i went on to take about another 200 photos on top of the already taken pics. Just amazing performance. Thanks Canon

Long overdue post

Hi Everyone

This is a post long overdue but here goes.

What’s been happening in the world of photography. To be honest. It feels like I don’t know. Although i have a daily following for a few websites like etc i still feel that i have been out it a bit .

Well the short version is. Canon is bringing out a new 60D by the looks of it. Nikon already launched a new D3100 that can record full HD video this time and by the looks of it can do auto focusing while recording video(really cool feature, wasted on a entry level DSLR if you ask me). Guess Canon has their worked cut out for them to compete and if you look at history my mouth is starting to water when i think about what canon might be doing on the new DSLR front. Lets hope they don’t disappoint

I am all out tonight unfortunately. Next week i think i am going to get going with my passion again.

See you guys later :)

Canon 7D’s amazing battery performance

Hi guys and girls

Last week me and my good friend Natalie went to one of the games of the Fifa world cup 2010 , the game between France and Mexico. Obviously we took our cameras with to take a few pictures of the event for personal use(if someone from Getty images is reading this contact me if you want to buy something).

Long story short, i took about 1600 photos in the 90 minutes of the game and when i got home and checked my battery info on the 7D my battery was amazingly still on 46% which i though was absolutely amazing because my previous experience with my 350D was that i had to use 2 batteries for the same amount of pictures. If i was lucky

It is safe to say that the battery life is amazing on the 7D. I actually took a look at the 7D manual and the canon rating for the battery is about 1000 shots with no flash. I wonder if canon just understated one of the best features of the 7D ,battery life? I am definitely going to investigate this further but here is some pics in the meanwhile

Canons manual reference


going into the battery info menu on the 7D

 2010-06-22 12-59-02.653

The shutter count value turns to zero when you put a newly charged battery in. As you can see i took some more pictures since last week Thursday.

2010-06-22 12-59-13.891

anyone else thinks this is amazing

Please leave any comments about this and if you had similar experiences.

Canon 7D really amazing camera or not ?

The Canon EOS 7D for me was one of thee most anticipated camera bodies ever. I really really wanted one of these camera. My wish came true earlier this year when i finally got enough cash to go buy this amazing camera.

Picking it up at my couriers (because i just could not wait to get my hands on it ) i just wanted to rip the boxes apart to get to the camera :) .. yeah i know i am a geek but hey.. who isn’t . i had to control myself though because i wanted to make an unboxing video.

Got home. set up the camera etc and shot the video. after that i had a few hours to play around with the camera and i was just blown away by its speed and its focusing system. It felt great holding the camera not at all heavy.. felt almost like it was sculpted to fit perfectly in my hand. now i know not everybody has the same size hands as me. but i have to say once you felt this camera in you hand you feel like you are one with it. guess you can say the same for the 5D MK II because it is about the same size.

A few days after my first encounter though. I had the unfortunate experience of a camera not wanting to take pictures . It kept on giving me error 20 errors. which infuriated me because how would you feel about buying a pro camera body and it not working . But it did for some reason stop giving the errors and was working fine up to the point where i sent it back to canon to get it sorted out.

Canon was amazing in this regard and i have to say kudos to them for helping me out so fast. great service is so hard to find sometimes.

Got the replacement back and worked with it a bit. few hours later.. had the same err 20 message. Now this could not have been more frustrating, 2 cameras in a row giving the same problem .. really amazing.

Needless to say that body went back to canon .. again! I decided to take it myself this time. Surely enough they tested the camera and once again there was something wrong with the mirror box. really strange. I can only think of one reason the 7D might have problems with the mirror box and that is to do with the 8FPS shooting it has and that it is a precise instrument and it might get thrown off by a dust particle hitting it while travelling at such great speed.

I just appreciate the fact that canon did at the least handled my problem in a very professional manner and subsequently swopped the 2nd unit out with a third.. that so far has not given me any issues.

Thank you Canon for a bitter sweet experience almost giving me a heart attack in the process but saving the day

I think i would probably be the only person alive that this happened to I know I am just glad I am a Canon user just for the fact that I am getting such great support from them.

please watch my video of my 7D unboxing.. i know its not the best. but i will get better with it